Feeding Hummingbirds

Rufous Hummingbird at a sugar water feeder

Feeding hummingbirds is fun. You can put out a hummingbird feeder close to a window or on the edge of your porch and get a close up view of these beautiful birds. Plus, you'll be helping the hummingbirds out by providing a readily available source of food.

Development by humans tends to wipe out the natural food sources, such as wildflowers, that hummingbirds rely on. You can help lessen the impact we've had on them by giving them a supplemental food supply.

Put your feeders out in early spring so they're ready for the arrival of the earliest scouts and keep your feeders up until the last of the hummingbirds have departed in the fall. Don't worry about leaving them up too long, the hummingbirds know when it's time to migrate and in the mean time, they need all the food they can get to fuel up for the trip. Also - don't be too concerned if you see lots of activity at your feeders in the early spring and then the birds seem to disappear for a while. During the nesting season, the females will spend a lot of time on their nests, and then their diets shift more to catching insects for their newly hatched young. Feeder activity will get back to normal once the babies have hatched and fledged the nest.


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Hummingbird Gardens

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